DOT mandates rear view camera systems

The tragic accidents caused by motorist backing up over children and seniors in particular has motivated the Department of Transpotation to madate new cars to be equiped with backup cameras. Automakers will be required to comply by May 1, 2018. Several parents and protests goups have made their voices heard as the article below, reported by, in march of this year. This amazing technology will have a significant impact on back over  fatalities in the US.  The additional cost to the consumer is usually under $200, which is a small price to pay for the benefit to the american public.

“Department of Transportation today finalized a set of federal standards for rear visibility that will require all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds to have backup cameras by mid-2018.

Congress called for the rules in 2008 after a spate of accidents in which parents driving cars or trucks backed over their young children, killing them.

The DOT proposed regulations to carry out these orders in 2010, but the Obama administration delayed the rules several times over cost concerns.

Today’s final rule was released one day before the administration was scheduled to defend itself in federal circuit court against safety advocates who had sued the government over the delays.

“We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable victims of back-over accidents: our children and seniors,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement today. “As a father, I can only imagine how heart-wrenching these types of accidents can be for families, but we hope that today’s rule will serve as a significant step toward reducing these tragic accidents.”

The rules will be phased in over several years. Automakers will be required to have compliant rearview systems in 10 percent of the vehicles they build from May 1, 2016, to May 1, 2017. That share rises to 40 percent for the next year and 100 percent starting on May 1, 2018.”

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Aftermarket Rear Mirror Cameras

Best Rear Mirror Cameras

Have you ever considered getting yourself a rear view camera? While they can be prohibitively expensive, if you purchase an aftermarket rear view camera, you should be able to save a significant amount of money. In this article, we will be going over some of the best ways to find solid aftermarket cameras.

1. Amazon: Amazon is likely the best place to begin your search for the top aftermarket mirror camera. You want to begin your search on Amazon because it is a marketplace full of buyers and sellers. This means that you should be able to find all kinds of different products on it. You should be able to find a variety of brands being sold on Amazon which will give you a good selection to choose from. The best part about Amazon is that they have such a good filtration option. This means that you are going to be able to easily and quickly filter out your results to find the top mirror camera on the market and eliminate the poorly rated ones. You will also be able to filter by budget. Therefore, you can eliminate the cameras that are too expensive for your budget immediately and you do not have to worry about having to sift through them.

2. eBay: EBay is another good option for anyone that is looking to purchase the best aftermarket camera. You should be able to find a solid selection by looking on eBay. eBay is another marketplace that is full of buyers and sellers. For this reason, you should be able to find all kinds of different brands and cameras being sold on it. Also, you will find both new and used cameras which means that you could potentially save a bunch of money by purchasing a slightly used rear facing camera. After all, as long as it works it is going to benefit you. Therefore, this is a good way to really save a good amount of money on your purchase.

As you can see, the two options above are probably the best places to look and find great car rear view system for your rear view. There are plenty of benefits to installing a rear view camera in your vehicle. You will be able to drive easier and it will also make your driving much safer as a result of having a better view of your surroundings.

Rear view camera display mirror

Rear view camera display in the mirror

A rear view camera that displays images on a mirror is a new and novel way to implement this technology.  When visualizing what is behind your vehicle this is a much more natural way.  Check out the article below which discusses this issue.

If you would like to explore a rear view camera for your vehicle check out this camera site.

new design car rear view mirror

"Now you can solve your problem of reverse parking by using the new generation rear view mirrors; it is just like a pair of eyes at the rear of your back. Not only do these mirrors give you a clearer and sharper image, but also look quite stylish in your car; they also help you to reduce strain on your eyes and neck by turning your heard while reversing your car in or out of a parking slot. On top of all these benefits, rear view mirrors can easily be installed and used. You won’t have to spend long hours in its installation and by looking at the manual you won’t need any expert’s help.

Different types of mirrors

If you are someone who likes to have the more conventional rectangular rear view mirrors then your best option is the slim and sleek 7 in. TFT car rear view monitor that comes with a camera system that is colored. These types of monitors have manual operational buttons and can easily be installed.."

The technology of a rear view camera offers a great deal of safety and security when navigating your vehicle to the rear.  We will probably see a great deal of advancements in this technology as automakers are mandated to have them on their new vehicles by the year 2018.  




IP Spy Camera: used to spy on you

Spy Camera Website

What would you think if you knew the privacy of your home was being projected over at Internet site without your knowledge.  If you have been careless with your password that protects the security of your IP camera, that is precisely what may be happening.  Spy cameras are being used by a website called insecam which is described in the article below.


This Terrifying Website Lets You Spy on People Through 73,000 Private Security Cameras – Mic
The news: How would you feel if you found out a live stream of your bedroom had been airing online for weeks?

The website Insecam is doing just that, streaming footage from approximately 73,000 Internet-connected IP cameras around the world. The majority appear to be from cameras running default security settings (like using “admin1” or “password” as a password).

There’s are streams from over 11,000 cameras in the United States alone, with tens of thousands of others from places like Brazil, Japan, and the Czech Republic. What’s more, it pairs the footage with Google Maps pinpointing the exact location the live streams are coming from.

In just a few minutes of browsing, users can find live footage from locations as varied as stores, parking lots and the interiors of countless private residences. One particularly unsettling feed appeared to be aimed at a bed.

It is pretty terrifying.”


It is pretty terrifying to realize how our security and privacy can be so easily compromised through the hacking of a  spy camera.  It is imperative that you use a secured password if you are using an IP spy camera.  It is this not your privacy that is at risk but also the security of your family. If you desire to own a IP camera, click on the ad below but remember how important it is to have a unique secured password for your protection.

Spy camera: ways to use

Spy camera

We might think the use of a spy camera is for police, private investigators or surveying seniors or children when we are away.  These are just a minute example of how this amazing technology is being used.  The article below points out many surprising ways that people have found to use a spy camera in their lives..

10 Surprising Uses for a Spy Camera | Articles | Spy Centre

“You may think that secret cameras are the domain of private investigators, police officers and suspecting partners, but hidden cameras are actually used for a variety of surprising functions. People from around the world deploy secret cameras to help them in their jobs, daily lives, and even for entertainment. From birdwatching to viral prank videos, here are our top ten unusual uses for covert cameras. “

People are finding very innovative ways to utilize a spy camera in their lives.  The article above shows many interesting and surprising ways they are being used.  If you are interested in purchasing a spy camera for yourself check out the ad below.




Spy camera detector

Spy camera detector

It seems as though spy cameras are everywhere we go.  Hotel rooms seems to be a place where many people attempt to hide them.  Therefore it might be a good idea to have a spy camera detector.  If you are contemplating purchasing a spy camera detector, you might want to  try this site and browse their selections. A spy camera detector is a very effective way of finding a hidden camera as the article below discusses

How to sweep your hotel room for spy cameras

Author:  Andrew Capelle

“There are many types of spy camera detectors, and you may need two different ones to thoroughly sweep your room. First off, the wireless spy cam detector. This type of detector is capable of picking up signals from wireless transmitting devices. When it detects a signal it will beep to alert you.

Depending on the device, there are generally different types of beeps as the signal gets stronger. Some spy cam detectors work silently and instead have lights that alert you to a signal. It is important to turn off all wireless devices before using the camera detector as it may pick up signals from them. These items include cellphones, wireless routers, lap tops, cordless telephones and similar wireless items. Any item that transmits a signal could potentially be detected by the device.”


There are many different types of spy camera detectors on the market today.  As the article pointed out they are an indispensable device in our efforts to maintain our privacy.



Where to Hide a Spy Camera


Perhaps you’ve heard of spy cameras and would like to get one but, don’t know where to hide them. They can be hidden in very innocuous places like toys clocks books just to name a few. There are many places a spy camera can be hidden and the article below describes some of them.
A place to look for  a wide variety of cameras is

Where are the Hidden Cameras Hiding? | Our Home Security Blog

“What makes home hidden cameras so effective is the fact that no one really knows for sure where they are hiding. They can literally be anywhere. All you need is a common object that people are used to seeing every day, put a small board camera in it and presto you have yourself a spy camera.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about. In a normal room you are liable to see a clock radio, a wall clock, desk lamp, baseball cap, a man’s tie, ball point pen, tissue box, wristwatch, smoke detector and many other items. All of these can be hidden spy cameras.”

by David Artman

The many places that a spy camera can be hidden is going to depend on how you intend to use it. The environment has a lot to do with it. If you going to hide it in a home, then items that are common to the room you going to place it is where you should consider hiding it.


Totally Hidden Camera Records Video & Still Images
Auto-On Infrared Night Vision Can Record In Total Darkness
Can Be Set to Record Only When Motion is Detected
Supports Up to 32GB Micro SD Card – Not Included
Standalone Operation: View Footage On Built-In 2″ Screen


Spy Camera Detector

spy camera detector

There are occasions when you would like to know if there are any hidden cameras that may be recording your activities. Well, there are spy camera detection systems available to you. The article below describes spy camera detection devices that will enable you to determine if there is a spy camera present.

I Spy: a Spy Camera!!

” These hidden spy camera detectors are very simple to use and small enough to fit into your shirt pockets or purses. The best thing about these hidden camera products is that they can be placed in any household items and no one will even notice that it is placed there. So when a user scans his room through this port any hidden camera in the room will reflect the light emitting from the LEDs and get detected.”

By: Andrew Stratton

If these devices detect a hidden camera of any sort they get illuminated warning the user of the presence of the camera. These devices can give you a sense of security that your activities are not being recorded.They are very easy to use and easy to hide in a pocket or purse.








Spy Camera Pen Recorder

A spy camera embedded into a pen is a very useful way of making recordings. Students find them particularly handy for recording lectures. Law enforcement is another area where pen spy cameras are useful. There are many times when a police officer is a way from his car and any dashboard camera he may have, but still have a need to record visually something that is happening. For a description of what a spy pen recorder is, visit this site. The article below explores some of the ways a pen spy camera can be used.

What Is a Pen Recorder?

You might go to to browse a wide selection of pen spy cameras.

” The most basic pen recorder is simply a pen with a microphone pickup embedded in the body of the pen. The sound quality is typically not ideal, but is clear enough to be heard. Some pen recorders also add video functionality, in which case a small camera on the pen needs to be positioned to pick up the image. More sophisticated products work with special paper or digital tablets for functionality such as audio recording while taking notes which allows people to tap areas of their notes to access audio recorded at the time those notes were taken.”

Article from

The pen recorder functions as both a pen and a camera. Some of them have built-in microphones to record audio. This enables the user to take notes on paper as well as record the audio and images of whatever is taking place.   The technology makes it convenient to record events in the classroom and many other environments where writing and recording is required.

5 steps to install a rear view camera

It is not all that difficult to install a rear view camera in your car.  If you are not knowledgeable about the technology, it may be a little intimidating.  The article below is designed to show you step by step how to do it.

How to Install a Rear View Camera in Your Car: 5 Steps

“1 Research and purchase the type of rear-view camera installation system that is best for your car. If you are unsure of what type would be best, you can ask for advice at a local auto repair shop.

Install a Rear View Camera in Your Car Step 3.jpg
Install your rear-view camera monitor. There are several possible locations to install the monitor. The most common locations are on the dashboard or sun visor. The monitor will allow you to view anything behind your car before you back out, so it should be placed in a location that is convenient when driving.
  • Install a Rear View Camera in Your Car Step 4.jpg
    Use a drill to install the camera. Mount the camera on the bumper, license plate, or other location at the rear of the vehicle. The kit will include all the necessary mounting hardware. Attach the camera’s power wire to the back-up light power wire on your car. If you purchased a wireless camera, you do not need to wire the camera. Reconnect the car battery.
  • Install a Rear View Camera in Your Car Step 5.jpg
    Test the camera before attempting to drive with it. Make sure you can clearly see what is behind the car. Turn on the camera and monitor, place an immovable object behind the car, put the car in reverse but keep your foot on the brake, and verify that you can see the object in the monitor.

Article is from

Following the steps in this article may relieve you of some of the anxiety of just thinking about the installation of a rear view camera. Hope it helps.  Click on the ad below to go to a site with many option for your review.


7 inch TFT LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor With Remote and Stand
Waterproof Car Rear View Camera Night Vision
Two RCA video can connect to GPS, DVD, PS2, Xbox or rear view camera etc with RCA video port for displaying purpose.
the camera is Waterproof and can be installed on your license plate
Easy installation without damaging to any parts of the car.


Aftermarket Rear View Camera

Rear view cameras are additionally devices for comfort. Especially If you have to reverse your motor vehicle in an emergency situation, this gadget will certainly aid you effectively in the shortest amount of time. Linking this system with your DVD player may show you the detailed distance in between your car and obstacles behind you You need not to look around, simply gaze at the screen associated with your backup camera system.

Aftermarket backup video camera systems are really cost effective. There are a lot of manufacturers now creating and marketing backup cams that you can find in conveniently offered regional shops or online. Generally, acquiring online is considerably more cost-efficient.
You will discover that the aftermarket backup electronic cameras are very easy to set up and functioning well to deal not only with safety and security but convenience too. Amazon is a respectable option for backup video cameras, as well as a visit here to obtain more choices.
Sleek good looking design
Night vision LED's
Quick and easy installation
Reverse/non-reverse image switch


Bicyclist Using Rear View Cameras


Just like rear view cameras for cars, these cameras are becoming a sought after devise for bike riders as well.  From recording an accident to providing a rear view of whats behind, these cameras are a boon to safety as the article below illustrates.

Bicyclists Using Cameras to Capture Accidents –


"Footage from cameras used by bicyclists to document their rides has begun to play a role in police investigations of accidents, local authorities said."   

WASHINGTON — When Evan Wilder went flying onto the pavement during his bicycle commute one morning here, he didn’t have time to notice the license plate of the pickup truck that had sideswiped him after its driver hurled a curse at him. Nor did a witness driving another car.

Evan Wilder

A sequence of frames taken from the video that Evan Wilder’s GoPro video camera captured when he was struck on his bicycle by the truck seen at left in the top frame.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Evan Wilder cycles with a video camera strapped to his head.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Evan Wilder, who commutes to his job in Washington, was hit by a driver who cursed at him.

But the video camera Mr. Wilder had strapped to his head caught the whole episode. After watching a recording of the incident later, Mr. Wilder gave the license plate number to the police and a suspect was eventually charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

“Without the video, we wouldn’t know who did it,” said Mr. Wilder, 33, who was bruised and scraped in the crash.        

This Article copied from  _

As you can see, this amazing technology promises to not only provide a higher degree of safety, but also promises to help identify criminal activity.  Cameras everywhere is moto of the day as this technology is trending and contributing to public safety in many ways. Whether for cars or bikes you may be hankering for a rear view camera for your vehicle and you may view several different models at this site.



Purchasing Guide Rear View Camera


Color CCD infra-red weather proof backup camera
 7″ DIGITAL TFT LCD color rear view monitor with universal mount/stand
18 infra red lights allow you to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest night



If you are considering the purchase of a rear view camera the article below may help you a great deal.  Many of the features and benefits of this technology is explained.  Although many new cars have this feature older vehicles don’t.


” hope this guide helps you with your purchase of a quality rear view camera system. Please note that I’ve tried to provide accurate information in simple, non-technical, layman’s terms. While many others may try to baffle you with their… you know what… I want you to understand exactly what to look for in a rear view camera system, so you’ll have the best system available, and avoid making the mistake of purchasing something that can be dangerous. Please contact me with any questions you might have! -Steve Automatic System Switching Possibly the most important feature to look for when purchasing a rear view camera system, is that system’s ability to switch on automatically whenever the vehicle’s transmission is placed in reverse. This is accomplished by connecting a single wire to the vehicle’s backup light circuit, sending a signal to the rear view camera system, causing it to switch on without any action by the operator..”

Source –

Understanding the features of a rear view camera and the associated benefits are extremely important as you decide what is the best camera system for you.  We hope the guide and related article is a help to you.


Rear view camera system to save lives

an image of rear%20view%20camera rear view camera.jpg

It is incredible how much safer you can back you vehicle up using a rear view camera system.  Check out this article   Posted by ajaxadmin   which describes many ways to benefit from this technology.

Rear View Safety Blog | backup camera system, back up camera system, rv back up camera, rv backup camera system, vehicle backup camera, truck back up camera, truck backup camera, commercial backup camera system | Page 2

“The major benefit of installing a backup camera system on your car is that it gives you a complete view of not just what is going on behind your vehicle at all times, but specifically what is going on towards the ground. If a small child lay on the ground, kneeling down or is otherwise in a compact position, you may not be able to see them using the rear view mirror alone. A rear view camera, on the other hand, will reveal exactly what is going on behind and below your car before it is far too late.

In addition to installing a rear view camera, there are a large number of other precautions that you can take to help prevent your child (or a neighbor’s child) from becoming a victim. As a rule, you should always conduct a walk around your car before you get inside so you know exactly what is going on at all times. You should also teach your child about “bye-bye syndrome,” which is where a child will suddenly feel compelled to dart towards a car while you’re backing out of the driveway in order to say goodbye before you leave.”

Should you be considering the idea of buying a rear view camera, don’t hesitate to check out the ad below for a rear view camera from Amazon.

7″ LED Backlight Color TFT LCD monitor.
With 2 AV input. AV1 connects to car DVD, VCR and other video equipment. AV2 to car backup camera.
Screen rotatable. Screen ratio 16:9/4:3 adjustable. Brightness, contrast, color adjustable.
2 ways to install: standing or mounting. Comes with an IR remote controller.
The camera is Waterproof and Night Vision. It can support NTSC Video System only.

Three Types of Hidden Cameras


If you are looking for a camera that you can install that will not be apparently visible, check out this article. The article below form describes three popular uses of hidden security cameras.

Hidden Security Cameras – Alarm Clock Spy Camera – Top Three Uses « camerashop

“The three most popular uses for this alarm clock spy camera are home security, business security and as a nanny camera.

1. Home Security-place the clock in a location you suspect is an entry way for the bad guys-a door or window and catch them red handed. Or keep an eye on aging parents care givers.
2. Nanny Camera-watch your nanny or babysitter when you can’t be there and protect your kids.
3. Business Security-do you have an employee stealing from you? Nip it in the bud with a spy camera.


The alarm clock hidden security Tripod Ballhead Kits with built in DVR is the biggest selling spy camera. Why? Because it can be used in so many ways.

These three uses are not the only uses of hidden cameras available.  Any situation where covert observation is necessary might be a candidate for this type of camera.

Aftermarket Backup Camera

an image of aftermarket%20backup%20camera Aftermarket rear view Camera

Although new car manufacturers will be required by the US government to equip their new cars with a rear view camera system of some sort by 2018, what about the millions of older vehicles owners that would benefit immensely from this technology?  Well there is a very large after market for rear view cameras as the article below by Josh Briggs describes.

Aftermarket Rear view Cameras – HowStuffWorks

“If you walk into any car dealer nowadays, more than likely you’d be able to outfit certain vehicles with a rear view camera system. For example, Chevrolet and Ford offer cameras on their larger vehicles such as the Suburban and Expedition. If you’d like to retrofit your vehicle with a rear view system, you have plenty of choices. Several reputable organizations have tested various aftermarket rear view camera systems.
Consumer Reports conducted a recent study and found nothing lived up to a factory-installed unit; however, some aftermarket models came close. For example, the Hitchcam VideoMirror retails for about $800 and resembles the rear view cameras found in the Toyota 4Runner. Instead of using a monitor, the Hitchcam is a replacement mirror with the display built in. Consumer Reports compared the Chevrolet Suburban camera system with Hitchcam’s technology and found the following:”

There is an extremely large variety of rear view cameras on the market at retail outlets and online marketers on the internet.  Use this link rear view camera if you would would like to explore an available selection.